About Us

Our story begins in 1983 with the dream of Vinicio Ravagnani, a young italian entrepreneur.

His love for fashion

drives Vinicio to explore the industry by opening the first kids’ store in Legnano, his hometown.

In 1989 he opened the first boutique for men and women; from then on, he experienced an exponential growth.

Today Vinicio boasts 8 stores and 40 years of experience in fashion, which have allowed the company to join Camera Buyer Italia,

a trade association that represents the best luxury multi-brands in the area.

The sophisticated choice of our buyers, combining the best emerging brands with the biggest fashion houses,

has always made shopping at Vinicio a unique experience. 

2023 VINICIO S.R.L. - P.I. 11356940152 Via Felice Musazzi, 2 - Legnano 20025 (MI)